Monday, June 30, 2008

It is Low Season, The Time of Famine.

It is full- on low season for the next 3 months. This time in my year is also known as the time of famine. The time when I scrape a crust of bread or two from the dumpster bins, dress in my best clothes and go begging on the corner for a penny or two. No not really, I only beg for dollars, not pennies.

Actually, I sit behind my bench and make stock. Since the price of gold is so high, I have decided to work lighter, but more labour intensive. So I will rather spend fifty hours on a 10 gram gold piece, instead of two hours on a 20 gram piece. So I am busy with my plique a' jour faerie. She is coming along nicely already sitting at 15 hours of wax carving work.
Photo of the wax comes tomorrow or so.

This was a D for Donna.It went onto a broad flat white gold chain and looked very nice indeed.

This was a pendant for a daughter who her mother called a 'free spirit'. Quite appropriate, I thought. Anne did not know what it was, she only being a baby, compared to me. (I am not going to reveal her age, being a jeweller with integrity, ahem)
Been awhile since I made one of these, make no mistake.

This is Wayne's ring.
Came out nice, rough and manly, just like he wanted it.
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