Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Of Women and Men in the Jewellery World.

I know I am going to get into trouble for blogging this...

I have been writing a jewellery blog for a while now, but I think that after a about a year of blogging about jewellery, women are far better jewellery blogger's than men.
Men don't blog jewellery, generally.
Yet men are good jewellers.
There are many men that very good jewellers.
So are women, but women blog better.

I wonder why.

My favourite women bloggers, in no particular order, and only a few I have at hand, are,

Alexis Romeo
Dawn Vetrees
Kirsten Skiles
Lynette Andreasen
Marta Sanchez
Catherine Chandler
Dawn Vertrees
Kirsten Skiles
Janice Fowler who has
who has

And as I say, in no particular order.

So where the hell are the men?

There are, from Orchid

John Donivan, James Binnion, ROR ,Niel, and Peter Rowe and Charles Lewton- Brain(press) and far to many to mention in this editorial.
Go check them out yourself at

But I have no blogs addresses from them.
That sucks, man because they are friggin' good jewellers, one and all....

I might be wrong. Some might have blogs that I don't know about.

But my point is this.

Women are better jewellery bloggers.
Women are more THERE.
They feel.They are ohh and aahhh, I want to wear it.

Men?... they dip shit...

For a classic women example, take Barbra Voltaire the owner of
Barbra Voltaire, to my jaded mind, is the highest and finest owner of any gemology forum that is to be found on the Internet today.
SHE ( capitals intended) is a gemologist, and she actively participates in her forum.
Like every day.
And any member can publish any picture for comment to be analyzed by the other members of the forum.
And I must say there are many fine MEN members as well who publish pictures of their work.....

So with owned by Janice Fowler.
Publish your latest creation at will....She also is a working jeweller and actively participates in her forum daily.

Need I say she is female?

So where are the men?

Orchid, the biggest and most widely read jewellery text site, is owned by a man and does not easily allow pictures to be published. You have to jump through a bunch of flaming hoops to post pictures. And then they don't appear in the body of the post....

How dumb is that?
How can you have a jewellery website where you cannot post pictures of your work? For others to see and comment on. Try describe the colour red to a blind person.

I digress.

I apologise.

My point is this, again...

Women have far better empathy towards jewellery than men, and I personally can't wait for the time they take over the world.
Because us men are busy screwing it up.....


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