Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spinning Ring

I made a test ring similar to this one about 4 years ago.
It was my first attempt at making a spinning ring and I was not sure at that time if it would actually function for any length of time. What with dirt and rust and stuff.

Anyway, as I finished it, and it came out the workshop, Anne exercised her prerogative, and "Annexed' it. Ahem.
Anyway, that was good because then it would be a permanent test. It lasted 4 years before a component broke, but that was to do with my design not the bearing. This new one does not have that problem anymore.

And so, in a fit of low season energy, I decided to make another one.

I start of with a thick piece of gold . I roll it and bend it and file it up to this point.

Then I put it in a hand vice and drill the 7.5mm hole in the top of the shank on my drill press.
It is a bit wasteful, but it gets the job done quick.

After that I file the ring to it's more or less shape and put in the collar. This is the stop that the bearing will come against so it has to be level and round.

The bearing up against the collar.

This is the bearing I am using. It is stainless steel, very good, but I would like one that is a bit tighter, though. This one has good play and has lasted well with Anne's ring. It is about 7.5mm in diameter. A lot of so called stainless steel stuff rusts sharply in the St Maarten atmosphere. These bearings have had no rust in four years. Quite strange. I have actually not seen any stainless steel that does not corrode in some way or other here in St Maarten.

Bottom view. I cut a screwdriver slot in the thread I made. Afterwards a plug comes in from the bottom and gets screwed into place through the holes on the side of the ring.

The unfinished bottom part of the swinging thing with a dolphin motive. I like hidden things.

Center screw holding the arm on. Afterwards the sapphire tube, which is also threaded, is screwed onto the center thread and locks the arm in place. The garnet was a bitch to set. I had to make the collet three times until it was good.

All the components on parade. Sapphire was gotten from Andy....

I cut the garnet in the "Cut corner Rectangle" pattern by Wilf Ross and I carved the black coral to fit.

Joined. The black coral is held in place by the two little bubbles on the sides of the tri angle. They actually pins that fit in.

The diamond is a .10ct set in a tube.

Five days work

23 grams 14ct. I use 14ct because it is hard and strong.
Garnet 3.18ct.
Sapphire .50ct
The coral is found coral from the Nevis area, I think..
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