Friday, July 18, 2008

Born in a Cloud of Serendipity

I never really wanted to make this ring like this. The components sort of came together. ( that is sort of, like old hippy talk, ek sê :)

I made the band for another ring, shown a few posts back, and decided that the shank did not fit
with the top, so I made another more half round one, and kept this one aside so as to use it in the future.
Serendipity strikes often....

I was going to put two diamonds on either side of the tourmaline, but Anne, my Muse, suggested that I leave the ring as is. No diamonds. So I did.
I like it.
There is no solder used in the construction of the ring. Everything is fused by flame, or folded over. The method of how to make this type of band is found at:
and the method of making the collet (more or less), is described at:
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