Friday, July 4, 2008

But Son, She Only Has One Wing!

So I decided to make a wing out of silver first, and test out the backless enameling.

I pierced (saw) the wing out of 1,2mm silver plate.
Thing is , I want the wing to be curved in an anti- clastic manner, and obviously the enamel has to conform with that shape. ( anti clastic--having opposite curvatures, like curved longitudinally in one direction and transversely in the opposite direction. A horses saddle is a good example.)
It is difficult to photograph.
Rather than make two 18ct wings, solder them onto the piece and then find out that the are to big/small/ kak/wrong colour etc, I made a quick silver single example to see if it all works.

This is the "finished" wing.

First thing is that I might make the wings out of 18ct white gold. I like the whiteness of it all. After all, fairy wings are white, like moonstone, not?

Second, I want to diffuse the blue into the white and the green into the white more than I did. This one the boundaries are too defined.

The internal cells dividers will be much thinner. They are far to obvious. To thick and clunky, and I have never seen a fairy that is thick and clunky. (Well I have, but I am not going into that:)

I soldered three 3mm tubes into the wing with IT solder, (IT is a very high temperature solder), and they will, in the real thing, be set with .o5ct diamonds.
Now it might be said that going to all the effort to make a wing just to check out what might or might not happen is a lot of work for nothing. But that is not so.
If I have a difficult ring to make, and the collet (prongs) are say, asymmetrical, or design focused, I will first make them out of silver. That way, when you make them for real, the job is much neater, and you learn much easier. Practice makes more perfect.
The enamels that were used were Thompson:
Opalescent Green No. 2300
Opalescent White No. 2061
Nitric Blue No 2660.
Obviously, they are all transparents.
The method of the plique a ' jour enameling was described several posts back, and the time, including final oven firing and annealing was three and a half hours.

Also, this ring was sold,
Carved Aquamarine from Zimbabwe with diamond set claws and fused 18ct white and yellow gold.
I love making rings like this. Very free form, very one off, and that only certain, individualistic people like.
The stone decides the way I will carve it, and then the finished stone will determine what the ring will look like.
Then it is up to chance as to who will like it.....
As always, interesting and different people are my clients....
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