Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fairy and Ring

So far. I put the brooch pin in place and in the top corner the little eyelets for the chain.
So I soldered the wings together, then I make little screws and screw the wings onto the body. That holds them in place and then I solder the whole bang shoot in one shot and file the gold screws flush.
Unfortunately, I broke off a tap in the body...dang, that is the first time that has happened to me in years...
So now she is resting in Sparex, slowly dissolving the piece of tap. Sodium Bi Sulphate.
When that it done, I will solder, and then the diamonds have to be set and the the enamel will be added.

I also finished this ring for stock. An opposed bar cut tourmaline 1.05ct that I cut some time ago. It is a nice blue-green stone that sparkles in a most 'digital' manner.18ct yellow and white gold with diamonds.
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