Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fairy Futheration And Rings

So this is she with gold wings, roughly cut out.
I use a No 6 saw blade which gives a finer cut.
I print out the design and then glue it down with clear contact adhesive. Then I spray it with a clear lacquer, not to heavy. Just enough to hold the fibers of the paper down.
I wish I could have a transfer, like in the decals of model aeroplanes. That would give a much crisper line, because when I pierce this stuff out I have an Optivisor on with a No 7 lens and the paper still is too mishy mashy on the edge...

I took a photo of my test wing to see what the colours will look like as apposed to the gold wing.
I was going to make the wings in 18ct white gold, but at the end, I like yellow gold to much.
Gray metals look cheap.....

Gold is gold, and no other metal, not platinum, not white gold, not silver or copper, has the warmth and 'pricelesness' of it.

Copper is my third love, after Anne and 18ct, but it is too reactive to keep it's fresh red colour.
There is no better red than newly exposed copper.

I also made these three rings today for stock. They are my best selling line and I love making them. I make then stackable, or single, and with or without stones.
All done in a reticulation/fused style.
They weigh 16 grams for the three rings

Palladium white gold is difficult to reticulate, so I use a 'brazing' wire to add to the body of the metal, to achieve the peaks and valleys that is typical of the reticulation of yellow gold or silver.

Even so, if you look carefully, you can see that the yellow gold has a 'rougher' finish than the white gold ring.

I suspect that it is because my white gold does not contain copper.
( 10 grams fine gold, 2 grams palladium, 1 gram fine silver) is my mix.
Therefore, not much to oxidise, therefore no reticular collapse
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