Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flower Sunday

Anne and I decided to take a casual ride around the island and just photograph any flower we saw that was easily accessible. This idea was sponsored by the fact that all the Flamboyant's are in bloom now.

You got to admit, it is a spectacular tree
Classic St Maarten
they called canna's I think.
Two dragons battle it out , while sweet Maid Marion looks on....

If you exclude the tow-away sign, it is a very pretty picture.

A typical Caribbean picture, if somewhat well cropped.
The flowers caught in live growing action, competing with the mushrooms--those buildings you see growing in the background........

It is the most beautiful pale purple/lavender.
A tree I have wanted to photograph for a long time. Finally got round to it. It's on the french side, near the fire station.
I took this on a long lens. Wild ( or escaped) Frangipani.(sp)
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