Monday, July 7, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Sunday we decided, after our last clients left our shop, to go to Buccaneers Bar and watch some tennis, grab a couple of ales and a burger.

This guy was tired of Wimbledon, tired of his company and tired of the babes on the beach.

Then we eased over to the Sunset beach bar and had a few more and went next door to check out the bike show. Some mean machines, indeed.

This chopper, and indeed five machines, were built by a guy called Johnny Bosch. Sort of a complete genius when it comes to building bikes, and a great guy as well.

Dis be da ladi with her patient "I'll tag along just to humour him" expression.

I assume his and hers. What worries me is where does she sit?

This bike was covered in a mosaic of little pieces of mirror....right , no need for a shaving mirror, then.

Ol' bright eyes himself.

There is always some idiot who goes down the road in the wrong lane.
Actually, not really.
Anguilla is a next door island that drives on the left hand side of the road and he probably comes from there so it is very easy to make a mistake.
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