Thursday, July 17, 2008

She Done!, well almost...

Well I finally finished her. All that I know have to do is finish her face with some micro burnishing tools and my microscope.
But I am suffering from manufacturing fatigue, so what I do is put the piece away for a week or so, and then do the final finish.
Much fresher that way.

This picture to show the transparency of the glass.
I am going to do a full HIDI ( How I do It) on this one in the next week or so.

This has been an interesting project, coming in at 6o hours of work in total

I used the same enamels as I used in the test wing,
Opalescent Green No 2300,
Opalescent White No 2061, and
Nitric Blue No 2660. All were Thompson enamels.

But I am a bit sideways with the opalescent enamels. I had trouble with them keeping their gloss after a second firing in the oven. So I had to grind down the glass with a diamond burr, and then re fire, and then it worked again. Also they react, albeit slowly, to sulphuric acid, so pickling the metal was kept to a minimum

This was her first firing. I was very careful with the copper backing , so that it was flush up against the gold and neatly trimmed. I fired her using a 'Little Torch " and a large rose tip. ( it is like four tips in one).
The mesh at the bottom is stainless steel and 2mm thick. At two o' clock you can see two plugs. Those stop the flame hitting the brooch catch and melting it. Worked well, too.
I torch fired her three times and oven fired her three times as well.
It was very easy to control the heat. The bottom wire was just to cover my odds. I figured if the solder on wing was going to melt, then the other wing would hold it steady. Turns out it was not necessary, but better to be safe than sorry.

My inspiration came from a similar 1912 Art Noveau model I saw a picture of,
and the music from Blackmores Night---all the time, loud. Candice Night sings like a living fairy, and Ritchie Blackmore ( Deep Purple, Rainbow) is a major inspiration on how to do things right.

She weighs 20 grams.
6x.05ct diamonds.
About $ 9000.
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