Thursday, July 3, 2008

Soooo, there she is. Don't worry, she does not have a black eye. It's only the light in the photograph! She has hands and feet and a pretty face, not like my previous attempt a few posts back......

Cast into 18ct gold and so far I have only worked her with a burnisher. I still must do extensive soldering and heating on her for the wings and the subsequent plique a' jour enameling so there is no point in finishing her off past burnishing.

This design is based on a 1910 design of a fairy, but I made her naked, not clothed---much more pretty----- I like the 'classical' pose that she has.

I have drawn the basic wing-shape in pencil. I draw only one side, and then flip it in photoshop.
We love photoshop, long live photoshop!

When I burnish her, I make a "bed' of epoxy putty in a U channel piece of extruded aluminium. After it is hardened, the piece cannot shift when the burnisher presses on her.

I put cling wrap on the putty while it is still soft, and then press her into it. That way the putty does not stick to her. I make 4 beds like this, front, back and the two sides.

This picture she is unburnished and the sprue cut off can be seen on the top of her head. She is 35mm high and weighs ten grams at this point.

The wings will be soldered onto her at the bottom of her hair and then the solder joints will be carved to look like the hair. She will be a brooch and pendant.

I will do a photo HIDI ( HowI Do It) on my website under the jewellery class section when it is finished. That is, of course, assuming that everything goes without any train derailments.
Derailments happen often in my life :)
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