Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday's Work and Fairy Size

This is today work. I'll finish them all on Friday, with plenty of time to drink some wine.....ha ha

My order for diamonds ( including my fairy diamonds) came today from New York. I buy from Joseph Blank, and even though I am a small buyer, they give first class service-every time without fail.

So tomorrow and over the weekend I am working on her.

I was asked to show a picture of her size.
I have soldered her wings on and that was very tricky, I must say. Anyway, nothing was melted. Thing is, I can only use hard solder for everything on her, because of the soon-to-come enameling.
I seldom use any other solder other than hard for any work, but in a multi joint piece like this with the thin wing wires and the relatively heavy body, I worked up a bit of a nervous sweat and lost the last two hairs on my head...
Doesn't matter though, because my eyebrows and my hairline have not been on talking terms for years.......

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