Monday, July 28, 2008

Tourmaline Ring and Carved Tourmaline

I got this 12 carat emerald cut tourmaline in 1987. At least, it WAS a 12 carat tourmaline. It got caught in a fire and was well cooked inside a small safe . There were all kinds of snap crackle and pops in the culet, which made the stone unsalable.
So I re cut it into a 6.85 carat Wilff Ross Corner Cut Rectangle . I was ruthless with the heat induced inclusions so there was a large loss.
I had it graded in SA before the fire thingie, and I knew it was heat treated before, which is probably why it survived with not much colour change.
So I made this ring out of 18kt. yellow and white gold
I engraved the sides of the tube,(bezel)
I was so slack that it took me nearly a year to get round to making this ring after I cut the stone, or at least, doing something with it.
And then it took me six months to finish it. Talk about lying around.

I carved this tourmaline yesterday. Nigerian 4.2 carats.
Haven't the faintest what I am going to do with it. A pendant, maybe.
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