Monday, August 25, 2008

From Rough To Finish

For a long time I have wanted to make some jewellery from rough to finish. The reason? None, and because I can.
I was uncertain if I could do it all in one day though.

These are the raw materials. In piece of orange tourmaline, and thirty grams of fine gold and 5.7 grams of fine silver and 3.72 grams of fine silver, giving me a nice mix of 18ct yellow gold.
I put the watch in for time reference. I start at 8 o' clock, like a good worker...

I preform the stone and dop it.

The gold melted and cast into the wire ingot .

I weighed out the components for white gold, and rolled the yellow gold to the specs for the shank and tube for the yet to be cut stone. ( while the glue is hardening). Bottom left is excess gold.

White gold alloyed and prepared.

The I cut the pavillion of the tourmaline. Standard round brilliant. I was not going to mess around with any fancy cuts, but I might next time.

Then I transfered it.

Then I made the shank.

Then I made the tube, because I knew the diameter on the stone, and rolled out the white gold.

Fitted the white gold to the tube and soldered it.

Then fitted those to the shank and soldered them together.

Then sorted out the diamonds and pre-drilled the holes. ( I set under a microscope.)

The I set the .01ct diamonds in the white gold.

Then I set the rest of the diamonds.

Then I cut the crown of the tourmaline.

Then I set the tourmaline and polished the ring.
This was a simple ring and cut.
Next time I get attacked by a fit of lethargy, I am going to push the envelope and make it more complicated.
If the spelling is bad, don't blame me . The friggin' blogger spell check has gone spaz and I'm left handed.

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