Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dusty Corners

And lightning was seen.....!

Sorry, I forgot to say.. It was also heard.

And with an almighty bang, lightning struck the building our shop is in.

Other than my freind Mike, who did a Spanish Fandango dance when the bang hit us, nothing much happened. ........

It was a good dance, though.........

Other than the 110 line triped on the DB

Next morning, it became clearer. One double 8 foot flourescent ballast and my computer.

Annes computer was cool ,but my computer's mother board was well and truly fucked.

And being somewhat ancient, not replaceable.

I buy a new computer. Some Dell thing.

It all works cool, as much as loading programs and all that stuff.

So I got this brand new drive, sort of virgin material.

I think of the drives in my dead computer that have info of 5 years

And after some thought, I realize that I don't want most of the shit that is on there.

Just some teaching stuff.

I'm just going to load only that what I use ALL the time.

No friggin' programs that lie in dark and dusty forgotten corners.

This is a thing that happens with most computers owned by human beings.

Dusty programs.

But I know what's going to happen.

Five years later, it will have the forgotten corners.
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