Friday, September 5, 2008

Bada Bang Bang

The other sunday, I heard this VROOM! as a car geared down and overtook the two cars in front of him. Next thing---BOOM! Sheeeet--- smack into the sign.

Oh my oh my, the dude in the silver car has a right hand drive car, and he did not see that the white car had put on his flicker to turn left..... Oh dearie me....

He hit this car right on the wheel. She was wheel and truly screwed...ha ha --excuse the pun.
And no sooner had the echos of the bang, reverberating from the far off mountains died down, when the VULTURES gathered, waiting, looking, sniffing for the injured to DIE, DIE, DIE.

And along came Little Red Riding Hood.
Admittedly, she was a bit older than when she had that altercation with the Big Bad Wolf, because you can see how far she has to hold the digital camera away from her.
It is obvious that the trauma she suffered at the wolfs paws and mouth left her with a taste of the macabre, and to this day, she never leaves the house with a digital camera. ( You can play with it over and over on the computer, my dear)

And as our HERO of the story sadly watches is pride and joy, his polished silver grey love, being winched onto the back of the VULTURE, please shed a tear for the sign.
It advertises an"Adult Club" down the road called "Bada Bing" which is a bad name, I think, because it should be called "Bada Bang Bang".
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