Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cynics Corner-The Dream, The Reality, The Conclusion.

I am doing a cynics corner. Some what tongue in cheek.
This is a area of jewellery that people are uncomfortable with.
That does not match the ideals. Certainly not when you are young and inexperienced.
These are questions that come up over and over on the jewellery forums that I belong to.

Jewellery Dream Land---- Copyright

"I have made a D shaped wedding band in silver with a beautiful little SPECIAL curve in it and I want to write a book on how it’s made and make a “How To” video and I want to copyright everything so that no one can copy my special, special design.
I mean, next thing I’ll see my beautiful original design in Wal Mart.
I would just hate that to happen"
What is the best way to go about this?

Real World:
You should be so lucky that Wal-Mart looks at you. Your fancy new idea has been done since Moses built the Ark. The only reason you think it is original is because you so dumb, you think a circle is original..
Very few designs are completely original- all contain elements of others.
Get a life. Sell the hell out of your design, then sell the hell out of your next one, and the next one....

Conclusion: Copyright litigation makes lawyers rich with your money, and wastes your design time. Those quick to litigate have weak design skills. Make jewellery that’s well designed and difficult to copy and get some direction.
Remember, 20% of the human Gene has been patented already.
Go figure….

Jewellery Dream Land.---- The big ECO lie

I want to buy conflict free diamonds and rubies and gold because of the horrible things the regimes and governments do to the poor people who struggle to mine these stones. I’ll feel better and I will be doing my bit for their benefit.

Real World:
Miners know the odds and do it for the money it makes them. It feeds their family. If there is gold in the ground, some government will give the permit for someone to mine it---always.

Figure this:
Ol’ Harry in New York gets a 25ct rough diamond on his desk. It is a stunning stone, colour D, flawless, straight from the killing fields of Sierra Leone. It comes from under the blood and guts of exploded landmines and the death and disease of the innocents.
It cost him $20,000 of grubby little uncle Sams.. He can sell it for $220,000 with out getting off his fat ass.
But no, our Harry is a gooooooood guy, so he hands it into the Local Center for the Collection of Conflict Stones, who crush the diamond and scatter the powder into the four winds. ---Not so?

Ol’ Harry ain’t a good guy, so he gets rich, the miner’s wife and her daughters don’t become prostitutes and you buy diamonds from de Beers and get married.

Jewellery Dream Land:---Jewellery designers
After I finished my Accountancy degree, I took up pencil sketching with recycled paper and now I am a jewellery designer and I need some craftsman to help me make my beautiful drawings real.
I have the most original designs in the world and they will make me millions.

Real World.
Your designs are impractical and dumb and will last as long as a fleeting glance.
Drawing two perfect circles does not make a motorbike.
First learn the mechanics of the trade, then design.

Amazing ideas are difficult to make. Cost is King; Design is second-in-command.

Jewellery Dream Land. The lie of History
My grandmothers second best friend died in a horrific car crash on Friday the 13th.
Her adopted son wants to sell her diamond ring to me, which has a 5 carat color D flawless diamond in it.
I have a customer looking for just such a stone.
Do you think I should tell my customer about the stone's history?

Real World:
At $60,000 your customer WANTS to know the history of the stone.
At $30,000 your customer is INTERESTED in the history of the stone.
At $10,000 your customer LIKES the clarity and color of the stone.
At $5000 he sells HIS grandmother for the stone.

Superstition and beliefs are dependent on price. Greed is permanent

Jewellery Dream Land: The Patent lie
I have invented a new method of combining 18carat yellow gold with crushed bricks and powdered whale tooth. It is unique and I can’t say anymore on this forum until I have spoken to my patent attorney. I want to make a new range that is going to take the world by storm.

Real world:
Mrs. Lisa Commercial likes commercial jewellery. She thinks that gold and platinum are seriously avantè garde and that 18ct is to soft to be strong.

She didn’t know whales had teeth, or that bricks could be powdered.

Jewellery Dream Land: The lie of the exhibition Master piece
I have spent 1500 hours on this magnificent piece of jewellery.
It contains Canadian conflict free diamonds, stunning repoussé work, beautiful pavé setting and 10 carats of hand cut Mars Meteorites.
When people see it they say “WOW! THAT’S AMAZING!!”

Real World:

In 1500 hours you could make 120 diamond rings. Easy.
He says, “Gee Wiz, Martha that is really nice ring. Do you like it as well?”
She says, “I love it, honey” ---
You sell it----. 120 times over.
Your bank manager and the landlord love you; you sweat less and save on underarm deodorant.

Gee Wiz beats WOW! -------- 120 times over

Jewellery Dream Land: The junk Website
I have just finished twenty pieces of jewellery. And now I am going to make a website to sell them. I love fancy websites and so I am going to add music, flash and all kinds of whirlies and twirlies to my opening page. I want perfume, music and philosophy to make my dear customers buy my wonderful creations.

Real World:
Your website sucks.
Laugh the whirlies and twirlies off.
Show them designs.
No music, perfumes or yadda, yadda.
Make it open quickly.
Make your website work to people as stupid as I am, with the attention span of a gnat.
If you got “Skip Intro” on your front page, people skip your website.
Make it easy to buy, with no hoops to jump through.
Also, link it to other good websites like yours.
And don’t listen to web designer’s hype talk.

KISS Keep It Straight and Simple

That is the end of part one......
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