Monday, September 29, 2008

Fiddle Stick Pendant and The Petty Thief

Today I finished this 18kt gold pendant.
This is a 5.38 carat tourmaline that I cut. I got it from Nigeria. It is slightly included, but it has a nice green to blue green graduation.
As is often the case with blue and blue green tourmaline, it was a pain in the ass to cut. This tourmaline typically has a lot of tension in it and the safe thing to do is to 'skin' it, i.e. remove the outer rind. I did this, but 4 times it still cracked the tip off at the polishing stage. On the blue side, which is the expensive colour, of course.....
This makes for seriously patient cutting and gnashing of teeth and the invention of brand new words.
Eventually I wound up with 5 odd carats---from 18 carats starting. A really shit recovery. But not as bad as the sister piece that I bought with this one. That one went CRACKLE and turned into a cut salami.---Completely and utterly ruined. So I am glad I go something out of this one.
Anyway the pendant turned out nice--sort of '80's retro.

My oh My, what excitement. This afternoon there was a loud commotion outside with people running in all directions and as I went to check, there was a thief who reportedly had a knife and was threatening all the people.
And then, RIGHT THEN as all this was happening, THE COPS DROVE PAST!!! This is the first occasion in the history of mankind that the cops were there just when you needed them ( just kidding, it is actually the second time)
The thief was duly apprehended and arrested.
He was lucky, even though he does not think so. There were some really pissed off gentlemen who were asking the cops to give the thief to them "just for a minute, mon" They were itching to beat the crap out of him. People are really tired of these petty criminals.
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