Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Golden Heart, Chrysoprase ring and IDIOT

Rant first.
I am getting frigging tired of this
My blog has been marked as a spam blog and for weeks I am trying to get it fixed. I'm tired of filling in their stupid letters before I post. So if it don't fix soon I'm out of here.

This hollow heart was made on commission in memory of her mother using her mom's jewellery as the gold. The chain was also worn by her mom as was the jade flower, which was one of a set of earrings. About 50mm high. I enjoyed making this piece.

This is a piece of chrysocola from Australia that I carved and drilled and made a 18kt white and yellow gold ring for.
Just for stock, so I can sell it and get rich and buy Google and fire the idiot IT manager they got............
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