Friday, September 12, 2008

A Window on St. Maarten

I thought I would post a few pictures showing some of the many interesting facets of life on the Island of St. Maarten.
The local 'born here's" call it a country. Google maps call it an island. There are more people working for Google. Google wins. It is an island.

This is an American couple who have just arrived on the island.
I know they have just arrived because only the front set of hubcaps have been stolen so far.

There are four suitcases. The top one contains the Blackberries, Ipods, laptops, cell phones, phone cards, under water cameras, normal cameras, binoculars and freeze dried vaccines, mosquito nets, anti- dengue tablets, anti-malaria tablets, cortisone tablets and two gallons of sunscreen.

The middle suitcase contains her bikini's, sunglasses, evening wear, six pairs of shoes, spare reading glasses, and three pounds of toiletries.

The bottom suitcase is food. American hams, salami's, bread, spare salt, Heinz ketchup, mayo, and also a gallon of honey mustard sauce. Packets of onion soup, hot dog rolls and twenty four hamburger buns.

Inside the car is the fourth suitcase. This contains her romantic novels, three month of Hello and You magazines, fifteen Cosmopolitan magazines, and a year's supply of Home and Garden.

His stuff is in the glove compartment-- a spare set of under jocks and some shaving kit.

This sign graphically illustrates how successful the schooling system in St. Maarten is functioning. The store is a separate entity. The employees are not somebody.

This is a car from the french side. The french people on the island are often not very concerned about their cars. They also not very concerned about anything else.
Except how wonderful their language is. And how good their food is. And Airbus. And Gucci. And Chanel. And their wines. And Renault, Citroen and...........................

This is a crouching Taxi Driver changing his tyre. He is very clever. He brought a jack and a towel. He also has ten fingers. Soon, he will have a few less.
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