Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Plate Ring with Tourmaline

I made this man's ring out of 14kt yellow gold and set the tourmaline in 18kt white gold. Not 14kt white gold. I hate 14kt white gold. I don't do ANY work in it..
Anyway the method of construction of a ring like this, including the making of the tube/bezel is described in my website at
Not this ring, but a similar one.

The tourmaline is first carved on the pavilion, then I polish the carved bits, then I facet the pavilion over the carving. Then I facet and polish the crown with a normal emerald cut top.
I think it looks quite spiff, ek sé....I said spiff, not spliff....

The tourmaline is from Hilmar Bosch at, but he is on holiday 'till December, which just goes to prove that gem dealers earn much to much money out of poor goldsmiths like me...( just kidding) (a little bit)

The other day a dude came to one of my Hidi's, the one on how to make a six prong collet, and he posted back to Art Jewelry's forum

Six prong setting
"I have made this one and it actually works. I found this tutorial the other day and found it extremely helpful. He has others that you might like too". ---He said to the forum members.

What really made me laugh is the "it actually works" bit.
Right on dude! they do indeed work :) Good to know he found it helpful. That why I do them,....
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