Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Carving

This is a champagne Topaz that I faceted the top of and carved and faceted the bottom.

Ditto for this tourmaline.
I have started on a Hidi on how to make a whistle.

About a year ago, I made this whistle for a captain on of those fancy do-daa racing yachts.
Apparently, he needs a whistle to attract the attention of members of the crew because shouting is not loud enough.
Well one year later, I swear, I have virtually forgotten how I made it. There some fine measurements inside it to get the right volume and pitch. I made about six different models before I got it right.
So I decided, before my amnesia takes total control of me, I might as well make a Hidi, so that it is laid down in the digital world.

The Internet never forgets.
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