Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spinning Ring and the Restaurant

I made this ring for a new customer. It is based on my old spinning ring and she loved it. The black stone it not coral but jet. It really attracts attention. When she wears it it spins and one's eyes are constantly attracted to the movement.

So after all was said and done she, Larissa, and her husband Yury invited Anne and I for some drinks last night.
So we Anne decided to go to Mary Boon's. It's right on the beach and just has been refurbished and under new ownership. So it was a bit of chance. You know, pigs and lipstick and all that.....

Now I know a lot of my customers read this blog, so this is aimed at them more than those people who have never been to St Maarten.
Concerning Mary's Boon, that is.

When the waitress came to take our order, Larissa asked for some guavaberry . The waitress had never heard of it. This island is built on guavaberry, so that was really strange. They had only two types of beer. ( there are like twenty different types on the island. This is an island with 179 different nationalities on it.)
I mean, for example, Larissa and Yury are Russian, living in Canada. Anne is German South African, I am Dutch South African and between the four of us we speak seven different languages.
Two types of beer, puhleese, give me a break. Yuri chose Presidente beer, and they only had two bottles....
I had wine by the glass, and when a new glass came the waitress poured the dregs of my old glass into my new glass. You know, like topping it up.
I burst out laughing.
I love new experiences.

The food was really embarrassing. This is not a food blog, so suffice to say that it was somewhat inedible.No, let me clarify, it WAS inedible. I stick of skewered meat and dry rice. When Yury asked for some more ( he was HUNGRY) the kitchen was closed and so not even coffee---before nine'o clock
Luckily, the company was so good that we really didn't care. We still had a good time, but for those who know Mary Boon, give the restaurant a WIDE berth. And don't try feed the dogs that walk around in the restaurant. They also don't eat the food.
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