Saturday, October 4, 2008

Carved Gemstones and New Sister Blog

This is a carved tourmaline that I faceted a standard brilliant pavilion on. I am going to make a ring with this one.I had three different attempts before I was successful. Friggin' time consuming. In the second one I put the tube in wrong and I had to break the stone to get it out.
Believe me, I was a bleak chappie.
With gemstones in general one never gets a second chance. If you screw the stone up, it generally becomes fish tank gravel from there on.
Or tiny, tiny, other stones

This is a amethyst that I first drilled and polished a hole in and then faceted the stone around the hole. The hole is centered on my transfer jig, so that when I cut the stone the hole, and thus the emerald is in the middle of the table.
The emerald is from the Sandawana mines, and it is much nicer than in the photo, actually.
My photo's are just taken on the fly, so sometimes they are a bit, ahem, ragged.

I joined a new blogging site.
So I decided that I will have a sister blog.
The address is

This is a new feature from Orchid at ,a large jewellery site that I have belonged to for about twelve years. I will keep the sister blog more formal, of course.
There is no ways I can fuck around there like I do here.
For instance the post called Cynics corner, I actually posted a similar theme on Orchid three or four years ago, and I got thoroughly roasted.
One guy said he felt like putting his fist through his monitor, he felt so disillusioned.
Shame. Poor monitor.
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