Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dog Stones And A New Steam Punk Clock

First, let me get the spaz over with.
This is a dog of a stone. I thought it would be much better, but it is lousy.
I got fancy and I made a wedge shapes polished piece of CZ and then laminated it to two colour change pieces of CZ.
That was a mission in itself, because I had to clamp one side first, then wait a week for the resin to harden, and then clamp the other piece and wait another week and then cut a DOG.
I put this thing on Gemology online, and Jon Rolfe ( the genius of Batt Lap fame) suggested that I cut a Barion pavilion on it, which I will do tomorrow.
Shows you what true genius does, because it never occured to me, and for sure, it can only get better :)

This was a tri-lamination that I thought would pan out nicely with an opposed bar cut. This cut is used mostly for closed C axis tourmaline, and it works very well on that material.
But it does not work well on laminated CZ, obviously.
I hoped the colour would bleed over to the green side and mix, but that patently did not happen.
The center is colour change Cubic Zirconia (CZ) and even that does not lift the stone out of the trench of mediocrity.

This is a new Steam Punk Clock ( Pump, for me ) that I have started.
This is my latest craze.
The thing will be made out of solid brass.
So the bottom frame is brass 90 degrees angle, soldered together with silver solder.
The center post is filed out of a solid brass round bar.
The center box will hold the clock mechanism, the removable back and the removable face.
The electrical wiring at the bottom
Recessed, and it will have a plastic cover over it to stop little Johnny from puting his fingers there and getting frizzy hair.
This is an idea where I am going with this thing....
It will stand on brass legs, have a copper repoussed face and have lots of symbolism in it.
I totally love making over the top things, and I really want this one to go to new places of design that I have never been in.
Sort of with less of the money/material thing attached, like jewellery ALWAYS has.
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