Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Strarship Friend

I have a friend who is a Star ship Captain from one of the Virgo clusters .

She plies the trade routes between Andromeda and Orion's Belt, and every time when she passes by Earth, she stops into my workshop to see if I have made something new that she likes.

Her name is Makushla and she was most taken in by this whistle that I just have finished.
She said she was going to take it to the next Techno Rave at WOW ( World of Women) and blast her buddies eardrums into a Super Nova.

"Hey I said, "each to their own"

Since money does not matter to Makushla, we always do a swap.

And I was very happy with what she brought me.

This is a cut laminated piece of stabilised Zircon that, as you can see, changes colour at different wave lengths of light.

She got it from a hairy bi-pedal race, who live on a planet that orbits a second generation yellow dwarf sun in it's main sequence.

She says this race is very warlike and their political system sucks.

Also, they very fugly.

This is a picture of Makushla.

She's got the munchies, because she always smokes a joint when she travels between the stars.

I like her, and she says that one day she will take me with her star ship to WOW in the Virgo cluster. She says there are millions more like her and I will be the only guy there.

All I have to do is get permission from my wife.........

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