Monday, October 20, 2008

New Larimar Gold Pendant

This is my latest Larimar and gold and diamond pendant.
A shell bail in the front and

a starfish bail at the back.
I always try to make pendants reversible.
Sort of more bang for your buck.

I photographed it with the daylight behind it. It is a very high quality piece of stone with a lot of transparency.
This stuff is a bit tricky to carve, because it tends to have a sort of a grain and "click" and the stone is kaput. So that is why I make a thick gold surround, and the stone is also thick, about 8mm.
It also tends to have harder and softer areas, so polishing it also a bit tricky.
But I just love the blue colour. It is SO Caribbean.
Looks just like the sea around the island.

I cut this CZ for my friend Gary, in the Wilf Ross cut. About 7.5 carats.
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