Sunday, October 12, 2008

News Flash!--- Laminated Nest Found!

Direct imagery from the university of 4Q..

This is professor Rose showing her opinion of all the nay-sayers that did not believe that laminated stones are born and hatched --and in fact are looked after by a caring and loving parent.

After searching the Gobi dessert, crawling through the Kalahari, and indeed being quite prepared to search the naked red desserts of Mars, she found the mother lode.


The essence and the purpose of her life.

Better than a barrel of money, better than an earthshaking orgasm, better, in fact, than a cheap barrel of oil, --- Much, much, better than all that..........

Ladies and Gentlemen--- Prof. Rose present to you------A nest of breeding Laminated Cubic Zirconias.

With supa xtra specials amongst them!!!

!Young Laminating stem cells in creation between the bulldog clamps. Growing every day!

Ready to grow into faceted and laminated stones that will brighten up any day.

And much better that any stocks, because you can see the black and red!

Professor Rose says :
" Invest in these stones NOW, because the glue will last longer than your 401k !!!

Bowing Deeply In Front of Her......

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