Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One Flower Ring and One Six Stone Ring

This is the stone I carved a few posts back set in silver and 14ct gold.
It just had to go in a floral type ring.
I like setting little diamonds in little gold balls that I solder on.
The background is blackened with Liver of Sulphur
I like making rings like this. I'm going to make some more.

This ring has six different colour in it.
Zavorite,ruby,sapphire,tourmaline,sugelite, lapis lazuli.
I first make an odd shaped tube. Any shape
The band is anti-clastic, so I file the tubes to fit and solder them on.
Then I cut and grind a piece of stone to fit the tube with my hanging motor and diamond burrs.
I grind the stones to the tubes height.
Then the stones get ground a bit more snug and I sett them with my Gravermax.
Wonderful machine, that.
Lastly, the stones get sanded down with sand paper and diamond felt buffs (1200 grit) and polished with felt and diamond (50,000grit.)
See here for a Hidi
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