Friday, October 17, 2008

The Post Hurricane Rant.

Sea weed and beachless beach

Evil waves

Beach bar and beach are gone. This was a beach but the sand all went away. It'll come back though.
This is a third world island and the electricity supply company (there is only one) is called GEBE.
The guys on the ground are ok, but the top management are, to put it delicately, brain dead.
Thirteen years ago the island was trashed by a Cat5 hurricane and in all that time they still have not managed to change the electric cabling from overhead to under ground.
Thirteen fucking years.
For thirty years they have not been able to solve the seaweed in the cooling intake problem. Thirty years.
They have perfected the art of turning my tax dollars into chicken wings and beer.
This was a piss-willy little hurricane. It only was over the island for an hour or so. The eye was 50 miles away,
And the shit hit the fan. No water, no regular electricity for the next two weeks.
An the entire island population is 39000, half which is run by the french government.
And to add insult to injury I pay their salaries with my tax......
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