Sunday, October 19, 2008

Steampunk Clock

I don't actually ONLY make jewellery.
I do other things too... like painting, stained glass and making clocks.

My family, Meevis,have been involved in clock making since the 15 century, so my uncle Harry tells me ( he is a master clock maker in the Netherlands, so I believe him....:)

Anyway, this all being in my genetic make up, it figures I like making clocks.

I am not to fussed about making the actual movements per se.
I like making the 'artistic surround' more than any thing else..

To get to the point.

There is a blog, that I particularly like.
She, m'lady Alice, posts the most amazing designs of the most amazing rings on her blog.

And the other month, she posted a range of rings that were classed under "steampunk"
That is a word that grabs me, "steampunk".
Basically as I understand it, jewellery that is made of old watch movements, gears, and antique paraphernalia.
Lekker stuff to play around with, or what!
Here is a picture of a ring that I grabbed to give an idea of steampunk jewellery.

Now, I might be making a complete doos of myself by not having heard of this design thingie ever before, and I don't particularly like putting old movements into ring... but I like the IDEA of
Steampunk objects and jewellery...

I picture a smoky 18th century workshop, with apprentices in ties and suits, running around, adjusting steam powered automatic setting and polishing machines.
The journeyman with a whip.
Paraffin lanterns in each corner.
Dangerous leather belt pulleys on large flywheels spinning madly.
Hissing clouds of steam, just like in the the Alien movie that starred Sigourney Weaver

With all that imagery in mind, I made a steampunk stained glass clock while the hurricane Omar passed through St Maarten.

I was hung up on the name STEAMPUNK

A copper sheet clad base, copper tubing and stopcocks to adjust time so that you don't get old to quickly...

This is steampunk stuff. The clock face is a bicycle rear gear and the clock hands are glow in the dark ones.
You can see the fires burning in the bottom, turning water into steam and pumping time.

When the fires die down the cooling coil is there to keep time from over heating and to mellow your day out...
These are important things in anybodies life......

The mellow part, I mean....
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