Friday, October 31, 2008

Tourmaline Pendant and Futheration of The Steam Punk Clock

This is a commissioned pendant that I made out of 18kt yellow and white gold.

Hazel liked the green to dark green colour change that the tourmaline has.
She has a pale skin colour, so this tourmaline stood out quite dramatically.

The circle of gold was made by making yellow gold tubing, drawing it down, then at the appropriate diameter, inserting white gold wire into the tubing.

Then the bi-gold gets drawn down to the right diameter.

This drawing compresses the two golds together so as to have a very tight seam.

Then it gets bent into a circle, cut and sized to the right size and soldered closed.
After that it is filed flat on one side, to expose the white gold inside.

I used a .5mm ball frazer to crishy the white gold, so that it stands out more.
I like the effect it gives.

On the dangerous side, this is the freaking last tourmaline that I am going to cut with sharp corners. I was poeping myself that I would chip a corner as I was setting it.
No more.
Every square cornered stone will have the tips of the corners shaved off. It is just so much safer for setting.

My Steam Punk (Pump) clock.
I love doing this work.

Side view. The front tap handle will adjust the depth of time and the rear red handle will adjust the speed of time.
The pressure relief valve above the red speed handle is there to relieve the stress of time.

The face, made of copper and brass edging, set in silver with four glass stones, that were bought as aquamarines ( story coming when it is finished)
Cool copper colours, not?
Close up of finished and unfinished pump tubing.
I have to make another display case for my shop, which I am going to do a full Hidi on, just as soon as I finish my clock.
Coming next week, I think.

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