Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Coral Earring and Larimar Cabochons.

Yesterday, I got an order for six pairs of silver dangle larimar earrings.
That fired me up to cut some cab's for stock as well.
I had no cabs in stock and I had been meaning to get around to cutting some for some time.
They all came out nicely.
The center one is 40mm x 30mm, and it weighs in at 70 carats.
It is the very best quality one can get in larimar.

Action shot!
Doing these 20 cabs today was the straw that broke my 1200 lap's back.
The thing died this afternoon. Fuck. These things are expensive.
That's why I am using it without the center washer. More cutting area.

These are thin branches of black coral set in 18kt gold with .03 diamonds.
They are similar to a style of earring I used to make using elephant hair in Botswana.
Ele hair is earlier to work with, though.
They weigh under two grams, though. I like that. I like light earrings
Anything over ten grams is a no no for me, and even ten grams is icky heavy.
Five grams is good.
And I don't even wear them.
This is feed back from previous and present ladies in my life, ahem...

Anne has only one ear pierced. That makes her more perfect as a wife.
I don't have to make two earrings for her.
Making two is a mission for me.
First spending a couple of hours making one, and then having to do it most times again in reverse, is a real schlep. Reflex lethargy kicks in.
Note to self... You ain't got enough in stock--make more earrings.
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