Monday, November 24, 2008

Fused Ring and White Gold Ring

I made this commission ring for Lola.
She came in on Saturday afternoon and she was leaving Monday.
So I made the ring halfway, unset, and she came in on Sunday and fitted it.
All was correct and this morning I set the stones. She was very happy with it.
I make a wide heavy band the right size and then with a strong flame, fuse the edges inwards until I have the requires width and taper.
Then I fuse and add gold until I have the right amount of material to hold the diamonds. In this case they were ten pointers, so the 'bands' on the sides had to be more than 3mm wide.
I am going to make a ring like this for stock. They seem to be very popular.
This is a white gold ring I made for my friend Claire.
Very heavy, like 30 grams.
She leaves for England on Wednesday. Bummer.
I'm told it's quite cold there right now.
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