Sunday, November 9, 2008

Display And Clock

I finished the display to the point where I have to put glass into it.
To get the glass, it involves me driving to the french side of the island.
Giving them the sizes and paying for it.
Then in four or so days I must drive again to fetch it.
This takes three hours a morning each trip there and back.
Friggin' mission.

I take copper foil, and anneal it in my oven.
I oxidize it quite well, at 600C until it is thoroughly black and then I quench it in normal water.
Then crush it up like one would do to a ball of aluminium foil. It is a bit harder and I don't crush it too tight.
Then I heat it again to 600C and again anneal it normal water,
Then I unfold it.
The colour goes like the front most times and it gives a completely crishy look.

I don't clad the back part because it is going to be mounted against a wall with four expanding bolts.
A mounting bracket can be seen above the light hole.

I make a lead soldered brass frame out of brazing rods and clad the frame with the annealed copper foil.
Just a normal soldering iron is good for tacking their foil over the brass rod.
I use a low powered soldering iron, because it does not change the foreground colour.

This is my latest Steam Punk clock. I have had this piece for twenty years, ( no kidding)
Yesterday, I started it up and got it to keep time. (how accurate, I don't know)
Next is to figure out why the gong thing don't work.
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