Friday, November 7, 2008

New Jewellery Cabinet and Signs

I am busy from Monday making a new jewellery display for my shop.
I make them out of steel. Hollow tubing and square solid bar.
They heavy when I am finished.
This one will take me a week.
I weld them together in its entirety. It is very quick

Here I have painted it black and I am making the roof, where a Metal Halide light will fit in.
I will put the glass in last.

I make them quite stark. The shelves are glass, so one halide light is enough because the light shines through the glass shelves to the bottom.

And speaking of glass, there is a french class cutting shop who are a busy as hell, you wait a week for your order, and a dutch local glass guy who is not very efficient, I'm afraid.

I REALLY am thinking of opening a glass cutting and supply shop.
I would love to have an income that is not based on the luxury market.....

This is my shop front.
I love those two planters on each side. Anne planted them, and they are growing very nicely.
The sign on the top left is a lit up half diamond made out of stained glass.
I think it is a very cool shop front :)

But what I have had to do today is put those signs "Jewellery -Parking "on the stairs' sides.

I really don't want to, but there is a french cafe next door to us and their customers park our spaces full for hours and hours.

There is nothing like the french to have a long lunch or dinner, believe me.....

Anyway, we will see if they work.
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