Sunday, November 2, 2008

Steampunk Clock Finished

A steampunk clock that pumps time and is able to modify time to the owner's needs.

It has four extremely important functions, that will enrich the owners life,making it long and joyful, and filled with bliss and good fortune. ( trust me on this one)
I will explain the functions as we go along.......
Another front view, showing the two glass towers, which represent the owners life time.
Left grey bottom is birth. The left green is growth. The pink/yellow are the emotion of life.
The right side is the reverse. Green and pink back into grey and to the end.

Now here comes the unique part of this machine.

On the top are the steam pipes that connect time from the left side to the right side.
And thus, because of the taps involved, you can control time.
The gold tap on the front, adjusts the Depth of Time.

To give an example of the depth of time, time becomes more deep when one visits the dentist.
Every minute becomes an hour.

By adjusting the Gold tap, that one minute that is an hour long, can be made to last a few seconds.

Thus time becomes very shallow, as opposed to deep.
The rear view.

The red handle adjusts the Speed of Time.

For example, If you wake up with a SERIOUS hang over, or you scheduled for a heart transplant operation that week, you can make time go faster through those lousy parts of your life.
Conversely, when you finally got that smokin' hot chick where you want her, you can make ANYTHING last six hours....
There is, however, a natural limit as to the adjustment of time.

You can't go too fast, or too slow.
If the limit is reached, there is a pressure relief valve above the red handle.
This blows off excess time, or, if the need arises, sucks in spare time, thus giving a far more comfortable and smooth existence.

Shown in the background is the clock face. The back is made out of oxidised copper with a brass soldered border, stabilised with lacquer.
The hands I made out of thin brass sheeting.

There are four blue glass stones as the quarters , but they don't come out to good on the photo.
They are set in silver tubes.
I once bought a large amount of cut amethyst and what were said to be aquamarines.
The amethysts were real, the aqua was glass.
And my refractometer was within reach. Never think you will never be caught.
Still, they make classy, is somewhat expensive quarter indicators.
The black twirly thing you see in the picture is the beating heart of this machine.
It is called the Makushla Time Generator.
I stole the technology from Makushla's computer last time she was here and modified it to my own needs.

Now I sell her time and she is quite happy to buy. ( she forgave me, because she likes me:)
It is important that the Makushla time generator generates time, because as time goes along there are losses.
There is a loss of body.
A loss of quality.
And as everyone knows time becomes less.
Until there is no more.

The Makushla time generator fixes all that.

It replenishes time and gives it more body and more energy.
The reason it stands near the grey bottom glass, is because that is where the beginning and the end of the owner's time is, and thus it pumps in time which ever side needs it.
The floor is crishy oxidised copper sheeting, stabilised with lacquer.
This provides a grounding of time, lest time snake away from you.

Here is the early idea.
The brass rod in the middle I filed out of a solid rod.
The brass clock casing is made out of brass sheeting.
The frame at the bottom is made out of soldered brass angle sections.
That took the most time to finish off.
It was fun to make this machine.
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