Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Larimar Earrings and Speed Humps.

12 earrings finished. For six daughters. Last year I made six pendants for them.
These were fun to make, because they free form, which does give me a bit of lee-way.
Six months ago I blogged about this painted speed hump.
I thought it was an excellent idea to paint the palm tree trunk at the same time.
And in true island fashion mon, de widom of de ancient spirit come trew.(vernacular for 'through')The wisdom that says cars don't drive on tree trunks, stoopid!
Defore de paint last longer, mon!
Now you got to ask these questions
1 Does no one from the road painting department EVER drive past this place?
2 With their eyes open?
3 What friggin' paint do these jokers use? Six months is far to short for ALL the paint to be gone.
Maybe they used poster paint lifted from Sundials pre-school class.
Or Ace Hardware paint...maybe.
From now on, at more or less the first of every month, I am going to photograph this speed hump--and the developing pot hole in the front of the picture.
Well see if St Maarten can make the jump from a solid third world island to a tentative fourth world place.
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