Thursday, December 18, 2008

Electricity in St. Maarten

GEBE is the electricity supply company that has a monopoly of supply to the island.
The company stumbles along, with frequent power outages, evasive management, and a bureaucratic attitude.
Even before the hurricane we had in October, it had dawned on me that relying on this company for electricity was maybe not such a good bet.
So I bought a small generator.
Best buy I have made this year.
Anyway, on Sunday the juice cut off at sunset six and stayed off until eight.
I love starting generators on Sunday evenings....
Then on Tuesday it went off from 12 noon. Bang.
Then slowly, through the grapevine we heard that GEBE had run out of diesel for the generators..
Run out of fucking diesel. How do you run out of diesel at the start of high season?
An entire day in sy moer-in.
I kissed my generator, which can run the heart and lungs of my workshop, but only when the kidney and liver have been shut down.
It came on at 12 that night after a couple of false starts.
Hey, it was so stupid to run out of diesel that I thought it worthy of a cartoon.

Herewith: double click on it.

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