Monday, December 22, 2008

Jig Saw and Gear Gun

I love taking thing apart. All my life, a kettle, a microwave a fridge. Bring em on. I don't care how many microwaves, they all a little bit different. If I find one on a rubbish tip, I bring it home.
I learn a lot. I learn how engineers see things. They are very,very clever, those engineer people.
They make the most complicated things, like a printer, and then they make it so quick that two years it's obsolete.
By then they have designed and made two more, and your's, quite frankly, is somewhat quaint.....
A buddy of mine, Barry, who is leaving the island, brought me these two for disassembly after I heard he was going to trash them.
Such a treasure trove of gears and motors and even a miniature air pump. Gears, shafts, bushes ---a veritable Mechano set.
Anyway, this led me to my latest project.
I want to see if I can make a jig saw using a normal saw frame

So far I have concocted this thingi. It is a jig saw using a standard saw frame. The motor is voltage driven by my micro anodizer. A very nice thing to have in a workshop, not apart from doing this stuff.

The motor and gears and bushes and things all come from the printer.
My first gearing was to weak, so I re-geared it to this one with three shafts, and it is so far nice.
Sort of in the power band of the motor more.
I made this swing arm thing . Seriously crude but it works.
That's basically what I want to see. If it can work.
Can it saw?
Yes it does, but I have to stabilize the saw frame a lot more.
But it does saw 1mm silver not toooo much of a problem.
We will see.
These are the latest additions to the gear gun.
Several subsystems have been added since the last update.
These will all work together, once the gun is completed, in human kind's eternal fight against the hordes of aliens
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