Monday, December 8, 2008

Larimar And Black Coral Necklace

This necklace was a lot of work.
I had semi finished the 'chain' part a couple of months ago and it was stuck in my "when you going to get around to finishing me, you lazy sod!" box.
I have a few of these boxes, and all the unfinished pieces radiate a mixture of indignation, guilt and anger waves at me when I walk past them.
Honest, they do...
I left the chain part extra long just in case. It is much easier to shorten a chain like this than to have to make new links to lenghten it.
The larimar is one of the pieces I cabbed a few posts ago.
I carved a groove into the coral so that the larimar fits in snugly. Then I made a strip of gold that holds the larimar tightly in place with two small screws.
The bottom has a protective gold arty strip at the bottom.
This makes the "V" of coral very rigid and strong.
The little rivets at the bottom are actually screws that have been smoothed over to look like rivets.
The coral has been carved in relief.
It is a nice material to work, a lot like wood, except that it polishes more shiny.
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