Monday, December 1, 2008

Niobium and Laminated CZ Pendant

This is a niobium and 18kt gold pendant set with some small diamonds.
I blogged about how this CZ was made here
This is the nicest laminated CZ I have made, and I figured it had to have some high tech-ish surround.
It works a lot like titanium in terms of finishing off. But its quite soft.
Polishing is from 22o to 600 to 1500 to polish to rougé
Niobium is nice. I wanted to make the colour more apple green, but it started to look garish, so I settled on teal and a bit of green.

This picture shows the threaded bar still sticking out of the starfish shaped 'lock nuts'.
The CZ is held in place, along with the diamond set tubes, by 1.7mm threaded bar.
The starfish lock nuts were domed shaped and then once everything was settled in and nice and tight, the 'tentacles' were carefully pushed down and the ends finished off.
Size about 37mm x 14mm.
CZ weighs 6.2 cts and is made of orange and colour change material bought at
About thirty hours of work, stone included.

This is a pic Anne took.
Also, the niobium and the anodizing equipment was bought from
A great bunch to do bizz with.
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