Thursday, December 11, 2008

Roland Richardson and New Steam Punk Gun.

Yesterday Anne and I went to go see Sir Roland Richardson do a painting.

On Wednesday, between 10 and 1-ish at La Samanna, he shows just how he does it .
And he does it well.
He a dinkum Sir, knighted by the Queen of the Netherlands, nogal ook.
He is a really nice person, super polite and very unpretentious.

The start.
And three hours, more or less later, finished. Friggin' amazing.
All the time talking and giving like a mini lecture.
From his perspective, more or less.I put both on one page.

This is my latest steam punk project.
I'm calling it a gear gun, but that will be only part of the final name.
Today I made the Power Pack.
I got this gear train from an old printer.
I changed the motor so I can get the whole train to work on 1.5v to 12v.
The other one was a stepper motor.

I made two holders for penlight batteries for power. That can give me up to 3 volts which is enough for what I want to do.
Luckily, I had brass tubing that fitted a penlight battery nicely.
I rolled out some brass and made a bracket that mounts onto the gun.
I soldered spring on the bottom.
They also serve the purpose of holding the lid in place.

This is the top. The screw is isolated by a piece of plastic.
So the brass is negative and the screw is positive.

Battery wise.
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