Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fused and Bashed Ring and Titanium Zircon Ring.

This is a new replacement ring. 18kt white and yellow gold. A couple of posts back I made one and I thought it was to wide at 22mm and I was the moer-in with myself because it came out at 20 grams which is heavier than I like rings to be.
Well, it sold, so now I have made one that comes in as 12 grams and is about 15mm wide. Sort of not too extreme. (Is my jewellery ever extreme?)

This is a 18kt and titanium ring I made. I finally got round to setting a zircon in it that I faceted about six months ago. Nothing, if not speedy....

This was the first one and I made it by rolling and hot forging the titanium,
and then taking a rough bastard file and filing the living hell out of it.
Until it looks like this.
I thought that if I left a gap at the bottom of the ring, I would be able to size it.
But that didn't work, really. Titanium is to hard to size easily.
So now I take a dik stuk of titanium and saw the hell out of it.

Then I drill the hell out of it.

THEN I file the hell out of it.
Until it starts looking like the belle of the ball.
This way is more work, but it is made to fit and there is no pesky joint.
Of course, if Father Christmas had given me a laser like I specifically asked him for, all this mission work would not have been necessary.
But I heard he was put in a holding pattern above JFK, so his reindeer were to tired to make it to my side of the world.
Lazy sod...
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