Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gold and Diamond Bangle

I worked hard today and got this commission bangle finished.
There are 63 diamonds pavé set, weighing just under 7 carats.
These stones all have sentimental value and are very old, so setting them was a challenge.
I have great respect for the old setters in the early 1900's.
Setting odd shaped stones is very time consuming.
I set, on average, a round stone every six minutes pavé, but with irregular stones, this goes up to 15 minutes each.
The bangle weighs 68 grams.
Suddenly, these guys came and dug out the light pole across from my shop. I don't know why. I mean, it wasn't pranged or anything like that.
I wonder when they going to put it back again. Maybe they ran out of new ones so they shift them around where they needed more.
Anything can happen in St Maarten.
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