Friday, January 30, 2009

More Rubies and The Knife

I made this ruby ring last year and she brought it in for some more rubies to be set alongside the main one.

This ruby has a large vane like inclusion in it, which I took a picture of under my microscope.
I wondered if it was flux filled, or had some other shenanigans done to it.
I did sweat to set it, because it is a pear shape, thus pointed, and had a inclusion that just said " press wrong and watch me fuck your weekend up"
Luckily, it all went well and the ring went down well.

I made this knife a long time ago, and it was ready for some TLC.
So I took the display apart, and from there the saying "Let sleeping dogs lie", "if it is not broken, don't fix it" kicked in
I broke the glass while I was removing the brass U channeling.... 2mm glass. Not even remotely available on the island. Freak.
Then one of my cockatiels chewed the wood...bigger freak.
Anyway I eventually used the glass from a picture frame to recut the broken piece, recarved the damaged wood, and spent a day cleaning the knife and putting the box together.

The knife is full tang, 440n stainless steel and the handle is made out of silver with a copper inlay. The base is an etched brass plate, very heavy.

The handle is also set with six blue tourmalines and four pearls.
I looks all pretty again and the next time it needs a bit of TLC I'm just going to kiss and cuddle it....
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