Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Bangle and Caribbean Stuff

This bangle was made from a David Yurman picture that my much loved client brought in.
I have made many similar types of jewellery, using the 'rope' look. Long before Davi ol' boy made this design his "own"
I like making this stuff and Davy baby is welcome to sue me if he likes.
It weighed 60 grams and has 5 carats of diamond.
I first made the wire, then made the bottom caps and soldered them in and then made the shapes for the diamonds.
Then I set the diamonds and soldered the shapes on afterwards, with the diamonds already set.

This has got to be one of the classical Caribbean pictures taken by yours truly.
This is a slaver ship just dropping off some more slaves and jewellery apprentices, because the government's labour restrictions are so bad that it pays the front street jewellers to bring in some more from Bombay
Just kidding ---a little bit

End of year picture of my favourite pot hole and speed hump---extra---Can you spot the speed hump? Try driving at 60 kilo's........ Next picture, same place, coming up one month from now.

Now I am not going to get perverted here, and I am NOT going to make jokes about blow jobs and such unseemly things like his left hand....
All I am going to ask of my readers is this---- don't you think his tyres are a bit worn?
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