Friday, January 16, 2009

New Spinning Ring

This is the latest commissioned spinning ring I have made.
The main stone is a 7.52ct Imperial topaz, a beautiful stone material wise, but cut too shallow, so I had to close the bottom off.
This then reflects light back and does not allow the finger to be seen through the table of the stone.
The center stone is a 1.37ct zircon that I re cut from a eastern cut stone. Thus all the facets meet and it does not leak light. Ahem...
The end stone is a 1.30ct colour change tourmaline. A fucking nice stone, going from purple/maroon to raspberry red, also cut by yours truly.
The diamonds weigh .40ct.

This is the third spinning ring I have made.
For a Hidi, (how I do it) I have a pictorial tutorial here

Just showing the ring on Anne's hand which is a much better option than showing it on my front claws, believe me....
This is a picture of all the components that make up this ring.
The swinging arm is threaded, and the six indentations around the center threaded hole are to accept the little ball soldered onto the bottom of the zircon collet, which is also threaded.
So once the swinging arm is screwed on to the center screw that goes through the bore of the bearing, the zircon collet is screwed on and as it tightened, the little ball, (not pictured) starts clicking into one or other indentation.
At the last very tight click, it is locked.
This prevents the thing from unscrewing, and falling off .
The two tiny screws at the right screw into the side of the ring and also into the bottom cap so holding the bearing in place. This is more visual in my hidi.
This ring work well, mechanically and visually.
In fact, it is serious statement jewellery, because the eye is constantly attracted to the movement of the swinging arm, and so attracts comment all the time......
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