Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pendant, Ring and Bikini Bum

This is a commissioned piece, set with diamonds from her old ring.
My favourite kind of work.

She's a simple gal, with 1.19ct diamond. Nice stone.
There is a member of Orchid, Gustav Hoefs, who, a couple of weeks ago, suggested that would it not be cool if one could inject chocolate into the moulds used for jewellery production.
I thought that was a great idea, so Anne and I set about seeing if this was possible.
Well, we were successful in injecting the chocolate, but extraction proved almost impossible.
Problem was that once the chocolate was melted, and then refrozen it was extremely brittle.
Hence the cracks.
Also,once it was back to room temperature, it would not stay hard enough to handle.
You can see the head and tail started melting just from touching.

The original swan in 18kt gold.
A bikini bum pendant that I once made.
Couldn't remove it in one piece, though.
Most edible though, don't you think?
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