Sunday, January 25, 2009

Results of Refining and Mokumé-gane Ring

This bangle is the result of the gold that was refined in the previous post I did.
The bangle is double walled, i.e I made the outside first and then after that was finished, I made an inside "liner" so that the inside of the bangle is smooth.
So what I did is to roll out a strip of gold about 60mm wide and .7mm thick.
Then I use repoussé and ball punches to form the top part of the bangle.
After that is finished, I remelt the remaining gold and roll out another strip a bit wider than the top part, about 75mm wide and .5mm thick.
I fit this into the inside of the bangle, and then melt the inside edges until they meet the top part of the bangle and fuse into it.
That seals the two parts together.
At the bottom left, the small black dot is a little hole I drilled to allow for expansion and contraction as the metal is fused.
It has a nice flowing and fused look to it and at just under 90 grams of 18kt gold, makes a serious statement.
There were dedicated mutterings by Anne of, "I could see myself wearing something like this" and "Sigh, this is just me"
This is a 18kt Mokumé-gane ring I made. It is made of white, yellow and red gold.
I have been doing this work since the early '80's and I still like making jewellery using this technique.
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